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[\500SALE]DJ SPIKE A.K.A. KURIBO / R&B FREAK-FAST BEAT EDITION-VOL.7 ( Translation is for reference only )

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九州のTOP DJ集団RESTLESS MUSIC所属。そして、遂にメジャーデビューし全国でも話題沸騰中のレゲー女性ユニット"BROWN SUGAR"のLIVE DJを勤めるDJKURIBOが改名!!!!DJ SPIKEとしてネクストステージがスタート!!!毎回トップセールスを記録し今や定番シリーズとなったFAST BEAT EDITION特集の第7弾がドロップ!!その名の通りアップテンポの曲をずらりと並べ、文句無しの内容に仕上がってます。新譜から、近年ヒットを飛ばしたあんな曲やこんな曲がノンストップでオンパレード。しかも、この一枚でUSや日本で流行ってる曲をチェック出来ちゃいますよ♪最初から最後まで、聞き所満点!!!必聴です!! (MIXCD 74min.、11/03/10付) >>>TRACK LIST<<< 1, One More Time / Akon 2, Unless We F#ckin' / Akon & Clinton Sparks 3, Bass Down Low (Trevor Simpson On Da Beat Remix) / Dev ft The Cataracs 4, On The Floor / Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull 5, Do It For U / Jay Sean ft. Pitbull 6, Feel Love (DJ Mike D Hook First Remix) / Sean Garrett ft. J. Cole 7, Neva Fall / Casely 8, S&M (Dave Aude Remix) / Rihanna 9, Who's That Chick (DJ LBR Remix) / David Guetta ft. Rihanna & Fatman Scoop 10, Love Machine / David Guetta ft. RaVaughn Brown 11, Hollaback Girl (R3hab Remix) / Gwen Stefani 12, Party All Night (Radioaktives Remix) / Sean Kingston 13, Kick Us Out (Disco Fries Remix) / Hyper Crush 14, Hit The Lights / Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne 15, Go Crazy / Ariez Onasis ft. Fatman Scoop & Clinton Sparks 16, Last Night / Ian Carey ft. Bobby Anthony & Snoop Dogg 17, Scandalous (Coley Cole Remix) / Pittsburgh Slim 18, Knockoff Remix / Angelica ft. Lil Kim 19, Rule The World / Iyaz 20, Tomorrow Tonight / Diddy ft. Ludacris 21, Freeze Time / Jay Sean 22, One More Night / Prolifik 23, Mr. Right Now / Pitbull ft. Akon 24, Get Out My Way / Ranella 25, Glass Kisses / Ashley Martinez 26, Love2Baby / Christian TV 27, Back Seat / New Boyz ft. The Cataracs & Dev 28, Twisted / Gorilla Zoe ft. Lil Jon 29, Be Myself Remix / Iyadonna ft. Fatman Scoop 30, Mr. Romeo / Emii ft. Snoop Dogg 31, Fever / Wisin Y Yandel ft. Sean Kingston 32, STFU (Shut Up & Party) / NiRe' AllDai 33, Addicted To That 808 / Trevor Simpson ft. Enzyme Dynamite & Nayelli 34, Tell Ya Mama / La La 35, Fabulous Life / Mya 36, F#ckin' Perfect (Riddler Remix) / Pink 37, Dance Floor / Santell ft. Jermaine Dupri 38, International Love / Pitbull ft. Chris Brown 39, White Flag / Ashlyne Huff 40, Weightless / Natasha Bedingfield 41, Things We Do / Play-N-Skillz ft. Snoop Dogg

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